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If players have any objection against tap4fun games or customer service, please email any relevant material or information to: support@tap4fun.com for further support.

How to deal with disputes among players:

When disputes occur among players but fail to be resolve by consensus, players can contact customer service within the game to coordinate.If you are temporarily unable to reach customer service, email us at: support@tap4fun.com
Project Introduction

Helpful gaming tips from relevant organizations/committees/associations of China
With the popularity of the Internet among teenagers, it is very common that minors will play Internet games. To protect minors, parents should supervise and guide children in addition to the government's management in this field. We hereby provide the following suggestions for minors who play Internet games:

1. Control your online time. Gaming is only a simple relief from your study and daily life. Participate enthusiastically in in your real life, off-line activities and have your parents understood your Internet gaming behaviour and experiences.
2. Avoid games which waste too much time, like MMORPG or Player Killing games. Students at school should spend no more than 2 hours weekly and spend no more than 10 RMB monthly.
3. Never use games to replace your spiritual sustenance. Talk with families and friends when you are stressed or experience setbacks.
4. Cultivate an active and healthy gaming mindset, avoiding comparisons, flaunting, hatred, revenge, etc. Avoid unhealthy network behaviour and habits like bullying or robbery.
5. Protect you personal information, including that of your family, friends, school, company address, telephone, etc. Take precautions against network traps and cybercrime.

If you are bothered by your kids' gaming situation and plan to apply for supervision, the procedure is:

Guardian sends application -> CS receives materials -> Return visits -> Account affiliation decision -> (1. Account matched -> Supervision available; 2. Account not matched -> Inform parents and get account back)

Supervision Service Application

Download and fill in Guardian Supervision Service Application for Tap4fun Minor Players
Warm tip: When you are sending us an application by post, please remember to attach the following materials:
Attachment 1: ID (social security number) of applicant as well as its copy
Attachment 2: ID (social security number) of respondent as well as its copy
Attachment 3: The legal documentation to verify the guardian relationship (registration book or other legal valid files)
Company operation address: #302, 3rd Floor, Building 3, District A, No.1129, Century City Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu, China
Postcode: 610041
Project-dedicated telephone: 028-85185301
Project-dedicated fax: 028-85185301
Wonderful Invasion

If you are not a master who's good at foreign numerical games, or if you once stayed at foreign servers and got trapped for countless times, you would be happy to learn the following tips to enhance your power:

1. It's of most importance to upgrade your base buildings than anything else, since the production of all troops and defenses are based on the level of your lab. If you want to capture better resources and contend for Government as soon as possible, you'd better upgrade to Lv15 and research S3 units, which guarantees you basic troop attack.
2. Since it's a bit difficult to upgrade H.Q. to Lv15, it's of priority to research S2 units in the Lab. Developing defenses and economy comes the second.
3. Produce Cannon first so that you will have higher load capacity to gather resources.
4. Buffs like Speedups or attack
5. Before upgrading a base to Lv15, it's better for you to allocate you talent points to Economy, especially to constructions and researches the first and Gathering the second. After S3 units are available, clear the current talents, and allocate them to units production in [Combat] the first, constructions and researches in [Economy] the second.
6. Other buildings: [For Resources]: 4 Farms (as required by mission); each one for other resource buildings. [For Military]: Mints accelerate units production; Armories increase the amount of units you can produce at one time. The golden ratio for their number is: 2 Armories, 8 Mints, and 6 Garages.
7. Scout and formation. The sequence of formation can be adjusted at the Tactic Center. There are 4 unit types: CANNON (good at siege battles, weak in other battles, No.4 in speed); COPTER (restrain TANK, No.1 in speed); TANK (restrain SUV, No.3 in speed); SUV (restrain COPTER, No.2 in speed).
Invasion Family
"Wanna join us and make tap4fun better? Come on now!"